Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Donation Drive!

So recently I had a job that was paying pretty decently until for whatever reason (I wasn't catching on fast enough after four shifts or some crap like that) they let me go and now I'm left with bills and rent to pay. Obviously not having a job, this is going to be rather difficult to come up with.

Before you hit that back button though and dismiss this as another drama thread or somethin', what I am asking for isn't a hand out from people, this website isn't the welfare office. What I am asking for is the opportunity to work for whatever money that can be afforded to be given and for the opportunity to establish myself as a commission artist on HF.

So! Basically I'm doing commission work for dirt cheap because I'm in need.

Contributions of at least 10.00 USD I will do a sketch of what you want (digitally touched up), 20.00 I will cell-shade colour it and 30.00 I will paint it. These will be without backgrounds though, I hope that is okay. Anything donated more than 40.00 I stand on my head for you while I draw. Of course if you want to just help a gal in need you don't have to request anything.

Please help me work, peoples! It's a world of stress off my back if I can keep my power, internets and phone on for another month while I look for work! Just a side note though, if I make enough from this to cover my monthly expenses, I won't have to look for another job and I can just keep doing commission work for a living. It's a lot to hope for, but it's better to have high hopes than none at all. You would all be making me a very happy little lady if this became a reality. 

My paypal/email info are as follows

Obviously payments in their entirety are required before I start. All pictures done for this drive to help me survive to next month are below in the order of completion...

Monday, 11 July 2011

Fornax 2

Just the stuff I'll be putting in Fornax 2. Don't get your hopes up, anything I put here is gonna be a preview exclusively. Get the digital magazine when it comes out for the full versions, it's completely free <3 address is as follows: http://fornaxmag.blogspot.com/