Saturday, 23 November 2013

Don't mind this, just a critique for the HF CC boards

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Purple Elf Gangbang

So the culmination of multiple nights of effort, lovely stream drawing and of course support from my fans in said livestream channel managed to produce this from my grey matter. I would like to thank of course, my viewers for their support and conversation, it made the tedious parts of the drawing much easier to work through. Also many and numerously infinite thanks to InCase, probably among the best of the best of Hentai Foundry for in one pic inadvertently teaching me how to draw saliva, wetness, cum (not featured here but I get the jist) with only one picture from his gallery right here on this very site.

Phew... Thank you everyone, I had a lot of fun drawing this.

No it's not a Night Elf, I like elves and purple is my favourite colour so this elf is purple because of reasons. This picture has inspired not only the possibility of an OC but also an entirely different fantasy species for me to return to on a later date.

Enjoy! <3

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Art Rut Over Motherfuckers!

So I've been having a really ass-tacular time trying to draw until just recently, then out of nowhere (I imagine after the self-insert pin-up those always cheer me up for some reason) this happened. It was pretty epic, I don't like using the word "epic" because it is so overplayed but in this case I think it fits. Pulling the first and then the second pictures right out of my ass was so gratifying, can't wait to livestream again tomorrow night! :D