Sunday, 27 January 2013

Excercises #5

Here's another one... Being pretty industrious today, aren't I?

Excercises #4

I really am not good at keeping up on a "do one of these once a day" business... Stupid life being all stressful and shit x|

Decided to play around with my style, change things up a bit.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


So I thought I'd start us off with the forum shortcuts, just to give someone wandering my blog a fair head's up before they scroll downward and go "OMFG FUTA!!! GHEY!!!" You got no one to blame but yourself at this point.

Fuckin' oodles of different versions, enjoy folks :3

We Are The Wardens

Sooooooooo... This is the culmination of my efforts after awhile. Hope you all enjoy! 

Lore behind the picture: The Wardens of Athelia are the sires of Dragons, direct descendants of the magical beasts whom saw the realm would destroy itself if left alone. Unable to intervene themselves for fear the mortal races would turn on them, they raised powerful warriors from their blood with powerful magicks at their disposal.

The Wardens were charged with keeping the peace of the realm and protecting the people, which often meant protecting them from those who ruled over them. Lords and Kings were given the chance to change the history of their rule or their Empire would meet their end at the hands of the Wardens.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

MINE!!! (WiP)

Juuuuuust a WIP of the different versions I'm doing, thought I'd change it up and try to appeal to a broader audience on this once. More to come! :D

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Samantha Byrne (Colour)

This is really all I had time to finish before I had to leave for work. If it didn't know, I'd be doing more on this. It'll have to wait until I get home and get some sleep *sigh*

Samantha Byrne WIP

Soooooooo... FIgured out what I wanna draw, hooray! :D

Excercises #2

I can't decide what I want to draw, so I threw this together from rference for practice.

Star Army Commissions

Some commissions I've done for, a roleplaying forum full of very nice (and ridiculously understanding when it comes to commissions) people.

Warm ups

So it's been awhile since I've really posted anything... I decided because I'm having trouble with drawing some things (and getting the drive to draw to be honest) that I'm gonna try and pound out some excercises, at least one a day to keep things going and keep me learning. So here we are...

Not great and I'm not entirely sure what I've learned from this but it's practice and surprisingly it was a challenge. Sooo... Yeah xD