Sunday, 22 July 2012

100+ fans on Hentai Foundry

So here we are, something I did for my fanbase on hentai foundry. That's me, as sexy as I feel comfortable being right now, maybe I'll show more in time. Who knows? Anyways, enjoy even if you aren't a fan of mine on Hentai Foundry. More Mass Effect to come! :D

Specture Evaluation (Coloured)

Coloured version of my other submission, enjoy :D

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Spectre Evaluation

"Nihlus wants to see you in action Commander, he's here to evaluate you."

"I guess that explains why I bump in to him every time I turn around"

Taken straight from the game, inspired this picture.

I've recently been replaying the Mass Effect series, trying to remember why I loved the game. It's sorta coming back to me but I can't pull all nighters on the game anymore because I know how disappointing the end of the road is. To me, it's like a high class desert now. Tasty, delicious and overall a wholesome experience until you get to the very end and are disappointed that there's no more good stuff.

That being said, I couldn't help but in the first five minutes of the game (Not counting the two hours I spent in the bloody character creator) at hearing the dialogue between Anderson, Shepard and Nihlus, picture this scene. Now drawing Mass Effect shit, I can pull all nighters on that motherfucker because I just did! >:D

Anyways, I give you my new Shepard, Jeanette. She's a brunette who loves the ladies and anything else that happens, well... it happens, who cares right?

( By the way, please forgive the little poor scan thingie in the upper left corner, my scanner sucks bawlz and this was the best I could get it. )

And for those of you who kick puppies, punch kittens and eat babies (what else would you like to do if you don't love my jokes?) here is a comic-less version for your penis tugging/clit-pushing enjoyment.

Also for those of you waiting on commission works from me, please bear with me. It's been a rather merciless year and change and I've had very little luck in getting anything done mostly due to lack of motivation due to coming and going waves of depression (I has no jorb and I'm having little luck finding/keeping one) so please, be patient. Your stuffs will be with you soon, I promise.