Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mass Effect WiP

So here's the product of six and a half hours later. Wheeee xD

Livestream Online!

So here's a bit of a change up for the livestream advertisement. A salute from me to the lovers of the BDSM scene :D


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Graveyard Livestream Online!

So I'm prolly gonna be up all night, for all you EU folks or graveyard NAs... Come and have a watch! :D

Listening to bitchin' music, chatting, hanging out all while art happens. Come on, you know you wanna :3


So listening to music, drawing stuff. Sexy stuff :D

Enjoy the doodle of myself, link as follows...


Saturday, 27 April 2013

Playing music, drawing sexy stuff and hanging out! Conversation, critique and commentary all welcome! :D


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Stonking Monochrome tits!

If you can guess whose boobies these belong to, you get a free cookie. A monochrome study I did for a warm up since it's been A) too fucking long since I submitted anything well... with effort and B ) I wanted to do a study of a person I -actually- know. Before anyone asks, no, these aren't mine. I bloody wish they were though xD

Lemme know how I did, yeah? =D

Monday, 1 April 2013

TOR Characters

Just a few pictures of my TOR characters as they are for another site. Don't mind these...