Friday, 2 November 2012

Commission Rates!

Here are my rates and my contact info for everyone to see and know along with work that I've done in the past, one of which is for a very satisfied client.

I'm a reasonable understanding person and if you have gripes with certain aspects that don't require me to start from scratch again, I'm more than happy to tune the picture until you are satisfied with the way it looks. After all, you are the customer and you are my number 1 priority. That being said...

I feel the need to say this because I've heard one too many horror stories about scam artists ripping people like me off: Do not try to screw me or dance around with the way I do things because this is how I make my living right now. All payments are non-refundable period, if you pay after a composite sketch has been completed and you green light the project and pay me for it (I will not move beyond composite sketch until payment is recieved in full) then we shall go ahead. Considering this is how I survive these days, I will move heaven and earth to make sure that you, the client, walk away as happy as possible in a manner that is mutually beneficial. If the painting I've spent four consecutive days is almost done and you demand your money back because suddenly the whole picture is wrong, I'm sorry but I'm not going to change the entire picture. You are welcome to buy another or pay me for my time to fix an error that was so drastically overseen in the sketching and planning phase. I'm very understanding and very fluid in my process so changes are not out of the question as long as they are superficial, surface changes that don't require me to start from scratch all over again. This is of course after the composite sketch stage, if you don't like the way I drew something in the sketch, be sure to tell me so I can fix it even if it requires starting over. Composite sketches take very little time or effort to put together and sometimes they don't always capture the right "feel" of the picture and I'm saying that as an artist who does this for fun, you as a paying customer have equal if not better rights to satisfaction than I do with my work.

Let's all keep this civilized and enjoying artwork, yeah? Hope to hear from you all soon. <3

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Krisaga Commission

And here we have a painted commission for a lovely friend of mine, of her character Krisaga. Mother, absolute hedonistic babe and eager to please, Kris is definitely your go to gal if you want some awesome hanky panky. My commission rates have changed to the following...

5 dollars for Line art
10 dollars for colour
20 dollars for painted (Like this)
+20 for background
# of characters multiplies base price by number of additional subjects(1 painting with 1 character costs 20 dollars, 1 colour with four characters costs 40, etc etc)

e-mail me at if you're interested

Watch this being drawn here:

Also drop in some time, you might catch me in the middle of a drawing :3 Best time to catch me and ask me questions too, I don't bite... much >:3

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Coloured Commission Sample

And this is what I am capable of with straight up colouring commissions. The background I threw in there to give the lighting some context, kinda playing around with colour light instead of flat white. Anyways, this is what 40 bucks will get you. if you're interested.

I figured Aria was a great character for a dickgirl, she has the commanding personality. I did my best to capture her personality, hope you all like.

Sorry for no update on the comic today, I hope you guys will tune in for next Sunday.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Monochrome Commission Sample

As said before, commissions are now open. This is an example of what I can do in monochrome for 30.00 USD. It's not exactly amazing looking I know and I can do monochrome in colours but it means one colour set, I just used black and white for this instead of a red spectrum. Might have been appropriate in red... Ah well. if you're interested.

Just a reminder, no comic tomorrow folks, sorry. Working on setting these samples out.

Commissions open!

And commissions are open folks, this is an example of my black and white work and this would run you 20.00 USD.

If you're interested, contact me at

Edit: Just a head's up, I won't be updating my webcomic Sunday as scheduled. I'm sorry, I'm working on commission samples so people know what to expect when they buy from me or else I'll be missing lots of updates because I'm homeless. I am in a financially tight position and survival takes precedence over keeping a schedule.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Warm up

Just something I did before I started some serious drawing. Thought I'd do a little real life study. I added a penis because I can.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tales of Athelia

And here we are! The first two pages of my webcomic, I'll be updating every Sunday. Hope you enjoy and look forward to next sunday! <3

Friday, 5 October 2012

Concept Dump!

Just because it's been forever since I did anything with this, need to throw this stuff on here.

In order of appearance, Sibyl the sexy but morally ambiguous rogue, Baldr the brave story seeking skald and Gabriel, the nobleman's son turned Knight Errant. What adventures lay in store? Who knows, I'm having a hard time deciding when to start posting this comic.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Eden Prime 1 WIP

So it's been a bit since I've done much of... anything really. I blame the stupid hot weather and lack of a job, both oppressing and depressing respectively. Anyways, managed to get my mind off of both of those long enough to squeeze this off, finished version on the way.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

100+ fans on Hentai Foundry

So here we are, something I did for my fanbase on hentai foundry. That's me, as sexy as I feel comfortable being right now, maybe I'll show more in time. Who knows? Anyways, enjoy even if you aren't a fan of mine on Hentai Foundry. More Mass Effect to come! :D

Specture Evaluation (Coloured)

Coloured version of my other submission, enjoy :D

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Spectre Evaluation

"Nihlus wants to see you in action Commander, he's here to evaluate you."

"I guess that explains why I bump in to him every time I turn around"

Taken straight from the game, inspired this picture.

I've recently been replaying the Mass Effect series, trying to remember why I loved the game. It's sorta coming back to me but I can't pull all nighters on the game anymore because I know how disappointing the end of the road is. To me, it's like a high class desert now. Tasty, delicious and overall a wholesome experience until you get to the very end and are disappointed that there's no more good stuff.

That being said, I couldn't help but in the first five minutes of the game (Not counting the two hours I spent in the bloody character creator) at hearing the dialogue between Anderson, Shepard and Nihlus, picture this scene. Now drawing Mass Effect shit, I can pull all nighters on that motherfucker because I just did! >:D

Anyways, I give you my new Shepard, Jeanette. She's a brunette who loves the ladies and anything else that happens, well... it happens, who cares right?

( By the way, please forgive the little poor scan thingie in the upper left corner, my scanner sucks bawlz and this was the best I could get it. )

And for those of you who kick puppies, punch kittens and eat babies (what else would you like to do if you don't love my jokes?) here is a comic-less version for your penis tugging/clit-pushing enjoyment.

Also for those of you waiting on commission works from me, please bear with me. It's been a rather merciless year and change and I've had very little luck in getting anything done mostly due to lack of motivation due to coming and going waves of depression (I has no jorb and I'm having little luck finding/keeping one) so please, be patient. Your stuffs will be with you soon, I promise.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sarcasm At Convenience PG04

I swear if shit launches off of shelves in FO:NV again when I go to grab shit, I will be wearing power armor when I go sifting around for supplies >_>

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sarcasm At Convenience PG03

Here is page number 3. Life's been busy, sorry anyone who might actually be paying attention to my stuff xD

Sunday, 29 April 2012


Sketch Dump

Just some schizen I've sketched up over the last little while in my spare time, figured I'd throw it on here.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Sarcasm At Convenience Page 02

Page 2 of my little venture in to the world of webcomics, Athena is apparently a DM and like me she has very little tolerance for Tom Foolery from her players.

... Though I never lit a player's character sheet on fire before xD

Friday, 20 April 2012

Sarcasm At Convenience (Page 01)

Just a little webcomic idea I've come up with, I owe tons of thanks to my co-writer who is more or less my editor. I come up with most of the ideas for jokes and run them past this fellow who helps me refine them in to smoother, funnier format.

Hope you enjoy, if this gets enough of a following I may commit to updating it regularly like a webcomic should. As it stands though, I'll probably able to do one every week or so given my work schedule.