Friday, 2 November 2012

Commission Rates!

Here are my rates and my contact info for everyone to see and know along with work that I've done in the past, one of which is for a very satisfied client.

I'm a reasonable understanding person and if you have gripes with certain aspects that don't require me to start from scratch again, I'm more than happy to tune the picture until you are satisfied with the way it looks. After all, you are the customer and you are my number 1 priority. That being said...

I feel the need to say this because I've heard one too many horror stories about scam artists ripping people like me off: Do not try to screw me or dance around with the way I do things because this is how I make my living right now. All payments are non-refundable period, if you pay after a composite sketch has been completed and you green light the project and pay me for it (I will not move beyond composite sketch until payment is recieved in full) then we shall go ahead. Considering this is how I survive these days, I will move heaven and earth to make sure that you, the client, walk away as happy as possible in a manner that is mutually beneficial. If the painting I've spent four consecutive days is almost done and you demand your money back because suddenly the whole picture is wrong, I'm sorry but I'm not going to change the entire picture. You are welcome to buy another or pay me for my time to fix an error that was so drastically overseen in the sketching and planning phase. I'm very understanding and very fluid in my process so changes are not out of the question as long as they are superficial, surface changes that don't require me to start from scratch all over again. This is of course after the composite sketch stage, if you don't like the way I drew something in the sketch, be sure to tell me so I can fix it even if it requires starting over. Composite sketches take very little time or effort to put together and sometimes they don't always capture the right "feel" of the picture and I'm saying that as an artist who does this for fun, you as a paying customer have equal if not better rights to satisfaction than I do with my work.

Let's all keep this civilized and enjoying artwork, yeah? Hope to hear from you all soon. <3

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