Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Freyja Emerges

So this started as a doodle practice for 3/4 view and well... became something deliciously tasty. This is my webcomic character, Freyja; a half elf ranger of the wintery cold nation of Fjordia. The awesome thing about Fjordia's underground water springs is that they all tend to be hot springs, so underground is very warm and hospitable in comparison to the surface. The only problem is underground tends to have lots of tombs of olden times littered with fierce undead or vast tunnel networks saturated with Orcs that hunt very effectively underground.

So here we are, her emerging after a swim wearing naught but her skin and her relic blade "Shsumndafs Scshxedagvxefs", a sword from the times of old all but passed on to the modern age.

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