Friday, 24 May 2013

Ayariel and Veraza 2 (With masturbatory-aid words too!)

Thank you everyone who joined me for this productive livestream, thanks especially to those who commented and helped :D

Now here's a story I wrote up. It was supposed to be a short few paragraphs and it well... kinda... grew... Lots...


The rickety bed frame squeaked and complained with the sound of metal rubbing on metal, the wet fleshy slaps of testicles colliding with body parts and the obscene squishing and squelching noises Ayariel's asshole made as Veraza pounded her studded, pierced cock in and out in rapid succession.

The pounding of her heart in hear ears, the aching burn in her rigid cock that made her bell-end tingle even more every passing second; Veraza looked over her Elven lover as her diminutive breasts heaved to and fro in their small space upon her chest. She was a picture of perfection like this: Her halfhawk thick with sweat and oil, her knees almost thrust against her breasts and legs parted; the elf's pale skin slick with half a bottle of lubricant and of course the woman's erect member and testicles bobbing up and down both in twitches of pleasure and thrusts respectively.

Ayariel's cries broke Veraza's concentration on the visage before her,

"Ahhhhh! G-Gods! Guh-Going to cuh-... cummmm...!" She cried desperately, her mismatched eyes locking with Vera's own in an unspoken plea for more,

"D-don't you dare! Don't you dare before me!" Vera warned her almost angrily, her vigorous thrusting immediately coming to a halt. The ceasing of movement made her balls ache and her dick-head burn but she knew her lover was feeling it thrice-fold, the dark elf knew her lover well. If she didn't settle down, she could easily start slapping her testicles; Ayariel did love her sudden and slightly painful insertions but striking her smooth balls would have her settled down in a hurry.

"Pl-... please Vera... I need to... I need to cum..." The elf whimpered and whined, Vera could see her shaft almost dancing up and down as the elf flexed the erectile muscles in her length in a vain attempt to achieve relief. Aya had learned very early in to their relationship if she tried to just wank or play with herself, the dark elf would cause ten-fold the amount of discomfort in her testes to countermand it.

"You've had your cum, greedy slut," Vera growled quietly and her hand found the elf's balls and began to apply pressure. Each passing second drew a gasp of discomfort to rapidly growing pain from the pale girl on her back, "My turn to cum now. You wait until I finish to cum."

As soon as the dark elf was satisfied with how much the elf had suffered to calm her down, she leaned over her lover (cock still buried to the hilt in her asshole) and pressed their lips together. Her hands resting on either side of Aya's head, their breasts brushing together and nipple piercings catching and tugging on them both; the dark elf tongued the other ravenously.

Practically sucking the elf's tongue in to her mouth, she heard the small-breasted girl moan at the oral attention being given to her as they smeared their thick lipstick colours together around their mouths,

"Mmmmmm..." Vera licked her lip as she pulled away, breaking the tendril of saliva that connected their mouths, "I love you Aya..."

"I love you too..." Came the bleary eyed elf's response, the light sexual abuse and rough play was all part of their adoration for one another. Though neither of them had professed their love for one another it was always an unspoken truth until now. Having said it, Vera felt as though she could fly.

"Vera...?" Came the squeak of a voice that once again broke the dark elf's concentration on an amazing feeling. The look of slight fear that came to her face told Vera that she was frowning deeply at the interruption. Still though, the girl pressed on, "A-after... can... can you suck my knob...?"

Normally Vera would punish the girl for such impudence but now was special, now was a moment to be enjoyed and to be kind,

"Greedy girl, I've just been." Was her reply accompanied by an amused chuckle, though she could see in Aya's mismatched eyes was a plea she couldn't possibly say no to. After a moment of thought she nodded, "Alright... but only if you tongue my arse and suck mine first."

A brief moment of hesitation, Aya didn't like licking around or in Vera's asshole. Despite both parties pre-coital enemas, getting Aya to eat out her asshole was difficult. Often it was done with bargaining, though Vera was good at sucking her cock because she enjoyed it so much; she feigned as though it was a chore to be done in the heat of the moment.


Vera felt a flush of victory wash over her mind as the elf gave in, it was easy to get what she wanted when her cock was buried in her rectum. Before she could start again, the dark elf took a moment to appreciate the feel of before mentioned rectum; the way the muscle-ring of Aya's anus squeezed whatever part of her cock it happened to be stretched around, the way her bowels shifted and moved with every passing heartbeat and muscle flex and the sheer warmth of it surrounding her Glans and foreskin.

Reaching over then and grabbing the almost empty bottle of lube, she forced her gloved finger in the already stretched asshole (which wrenched a sharp whimper from Aya) and lifted. Upending the bottle with her free hand and squeezing when what little oil was left reached the neck; the remainder poured all over the base of her cock, her pubic hair and Aya's anus. Some of it got in to the space her finger had provided but the rest simply poured over the sides between the elf's tailbone and her thighs to trickle over her hefty sperm filled scrotum. The warmth of it brought a slight shudder up Vera's spine, having to wait a moment before she set the bottle back on the nightstand.

Releasing her asshole and rubbing in some of the left over lube in to Aya's taint and lipstick smeared scrotum, Vera took a moment to draw a pleasured coo from her lover by stroking her bobbing cock some. The amount of enjoyment drawn from watching her foreskin sheath up and down her pink cockhead was great indeed before the dark elf then took hold of both her ankles, using her grip for leverage as she began to rock her hips back and forth.

It was a slow and steady climb back to their original pace and Vera had to be careful that she didn't advance too quickly lest her lover be in danger of cumming before her again; which would have resulted in the same process as before only with increasing frustration. Vera hadn't cum for at least half an hour now and it was making her balls feel like they were several sizes too big confined within her scrotum: aching and insanely infuriating.

Release was close though, she could feel her cock-head ready to pop as her testicles slapped against Aya's tailbone. The symphony of wet, fleshy, obscene and vocal noises had rapidly returned to her senses now; except now the tingle and burn in her cock had turned to preparedness. The sweat and insane amount of oil they had slathered each other in brought a bright glisten and shine to their collective flesh and the passage of cock against prostate slip like a glove.

"V-Vera! Y-yes! I... I'm going to cuh-cum! Please! Please d-don't stop! I w-wanna c-cum!" The blue haired elf whined loudly,

"Nnnnnnn! Put your arms above your head! G-get them up there! Yes! Nnnnnnnn!" Vera groaned urgently as a boiling feeling began at the base of her cock and was rising to her urethra faster than she could think, "Y-yes! Cum with me!"

It was all that was needed, as if she had struck a detonator key the tip of Aya's cock blasted the shaped charge of her spew all over her face. A preliminary shot as Vera felt her own tip pop at the urethra and that satisfying drain of her sperm in to the elf's prostate. The increased pressure and once incipient orgasm had the half-hawked girl on her back fire a wider cone of cum on to her pert little breasts. Shortly afterward, the filling of her rectum brought a final and even more powerful than the first spouting of gum in a split burst from the ring through her cock-tip.

Meanwhile, Vera felt her balls very steadily continue pumping increasingly dimunitive spurts of seed to germinate Aya's asshole. Panting and leaning back, she closed her eyes and smiled with relief. The sounds now were different, the pounding in her ears was coming to a steady gentle pace; her lungs no longer burning for air and allowing her breath to slow down whilst her lover's pants and post-coital whimpers filled the room.

Repositioning herself so Aya's ass hung over the edge of the bed, their wilting cocks was evident of their satisfaction. Pulling herself from the elf's anus with very little trouble, she knelt beside the bed and admired the once taut orifice a void in to her bowels, swallowing on the space left by her absent member in attempt to close,

"Push it out, precious..." Vera instructed preceding her lip-licking with anticipation. She could see the exhausted effort on Aya's face as her pelvic floor pushed towards her and her bowels visually shifted and tightened through that anus. Only moments later, the cum she had recently deposited within came crawling towards her awaiting tongue. The anal ring squeezed shut the result was a slippery squawk as the cum bubbled through much slower. Vera impatiently inserted her two index fingers in to her recently stretched asshole and stretched it right back open again and tongued the remainder of her cum from it.

Quick to release and move up her lover's form again lest she court a less savoury expulsion from Aya's asshole, the dark elf pressed herself and her lips against the elf still lying on her back. With their mouths at least near one another (not quite air tight) Vera quickly began to feed her lover their recent anal-dicksauce-brewing. Immediately Aya tongued it back in to her mouth but in a slightly smaller quantity as she swallowed some of it down. Vera did the same and swallowed her own pearly creame before shoveling it back at her lover.

Back and forth this went until there was naught left but the salty, bittersweet taste to remind them of their love for one another. Climbing on to the bed aside Aya, Vera pulled her lover's leg over her middle and the elf rested the shorn half of her head on her shoulder. Vera could have basked in this feeling forever, the warm afterglow of their rabid fucking was something to be appreciated. 'Somebody should make a painting about this', Vera thought to herself with a grin, 'this is art at its finest.'

"Vera...?" Aya whispered softly, looking down the dark elf saw those mismatched eyes pleading with her again and she knew what she wanted without her even having to say anything. To this, the dark elf chuckled some and petted the other girl's hair,

"Yes yes... we made a bargain, greedy lover." Came her reply and with it the elf's nose wrinkled a bit and she nodded in defeat. Despite that, she could feel her own cock fluttering back to life and Aya's beginning to press in to her hip once more. The half-hawked girl made her to her knees aside the bed and Vera shifted so that her scrotum hung over the edge of it.

Vera tsked as Aya took hold of her shaft and began to roll her foreskin back,

"Mm-mm lover... You know what I like to see..." She whispered mischeviously. The elf gave a defeated whine and in place of rolling her sheath back over her crowned head; the tip of her dexterous tongue slid under the edge of her protective skin and began to swirl around her tip under the nerve-ridden flesh of her foreskin. Shuddering and moaning, Vera let her head roll back as she felt her lover's tongue slip around her foreskin and cock-head to dip at and retrieve the pockets of fresh cum trapped beneath.

"Mmmmmmmm... Ooooooooooh... Just like that, lover... Nnnnnnnn..." Vera groaned, taking deep breaths in between words as she closed her own mismatched eyes to the feeling of Aya's tongue now grinding and pushing against the nerve on the underside of her urethra.

Without warning or even previous pre-cum ejaculations, Vera felt boiling in her cock that very rapidly shot up the length of her member and before she could even warn Aya she was blowing a freshly prepared load all over her face. The elf on her knees gave a surprised yelp and unfortunately paid the price as a volley of her seed went for the girl's throat. Coughing as the unexpected incoming went down her esophagus, tears welling up in her eyes and making her masquera run down her cheeks in thick black blotches.

Vera gave a deep exhale of relief and smiled apologetically to Aya as she recovered,

"I'm sorry... Why don't we skip on the arse-licking for now? You can do it later if you'd like..." Vera offered as the girl began to regain her composure. Her Elven lover shook her head slightly,

"N-... No... I wanna d-do it... now..." A light cough between words punctuated her sentences prematurely. Vera smiled at that and turned her back to Ayariel, sitting on her knees with her plump ass thrust out towards the other. Her cock having blown its load a bit early apparently still had plenty more on hand to release as it had not wilted from her premature ejaculation.

The sensation of Aya's tongue slipping up and down along her pierced taint brought a shiver out of Vera, the elf's teeth catching the ring between her scrotum and asshole occasionally and tugging brought a slight pleasurable discomfort. Before she could even speak a word of protest, the light slurp of her testicle being pulled in to a warm and welcoming cavern made her groan suddenly and a shot of pre-cum further stain the mattress between her knees.

Vera could feel complaints of procrastination rising in her mind but whenever she tried to voice them, they were lost in an unintelligible moan. A slight shift of her free testicle before she felt a shaking of scrotal flesh against lips as it too was schlorped in to Aya's hungry mouth and another shot of pre was quickly added to the previous.

Finally, Vera managed to find the use of words again,

"Quit stah... Ahhhh... --ling..." Vera attempted to instruct more forcefuly but it came out in a nigh-pathetic mewl that Aya was more than happy to ignore. 'It's going to be a long night yet...' Vera managed to think right before she splattered her inner thighs and knees with herself.

(To be continued?)

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