Sunday, 14 July 2013

Oath of Red: Teaser

So here's a little comic series I've decided to spend my spare time on when I have it. More or less to get back in to the swing of things so I can get to work on my backlog of commissions again, I can't really draw when I don't feel like drawing so I usually start with stuff that I want to draw.

Anyways, kinda interested in seeing how people respond to this, if they like it or not and maybe some advise from people on what to do differently with my lay-out and/or presentation. Really guys, I hardly know anything about comic book writing/drawing so please any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Of course if you like it, feel free to say so. I love hearing from my fans even if they're just giving me a pat on the back :)

It's a teaser because really it's all I've drawn as of yet, though I will be working on generating more. Obviously copyright belongs to Games-Workshop and Citadel miniatures for the setting.

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