Thursday, 31 July 2014

Gypsy and Tryna

Lewd noises echoed in the seedy motel room - the sounds of flesh striking wet flesh.
They booked the first place they could, hastily paying for a room and just as hastily commenced rutting each other’s brains out.Tryna hadn’t even waited to get her shirt or shoes off properly; The dickgirl had become very fond of Gypsy’s asshole in the brief prelude, and the latter wasn’t at all displeased by the aggressive acceleration of events. 
Gypsy was not prepared for the sheer girth of her lover. Tryna’s initial penetration had stung; the dark elf’s anus was stretched to allow the dickgirl’s turgid prick and its extraordinary thickness. Though the latter had offered a copious application of lubricative saliva before the act, Gypsy was momentarily stunned by the sensory overload of her most recent lover pushing in to her bowels. The way each twitch and throb pressed the rigid length against her innards, how each thrust brought a reverberation of new pleasure as her anus squeezed on the invading object.
Even as the enormous cock pushed further in to her anus, balls slapping against her peach shaped ass, Gypsy reeled with electricity and fire, starting to see double as her eyes began to lose focus; the dark elf woman felt an orgasm rapidly approach, the first of many yet to come…
So here’s a personal project, to take a break from a commission for a night. A character of mine (Gypsy) being railed by Tryna (Owner’s tumblr ) in the butt. Been having a good time, roleplaying, collabing on a comic and all sorts of stuff.

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