Sunday, 3 August 2014

So here's a pic of my OC Gypsy and the ever titular Ell (SuperGuest) getting freaky. This picture went through what I can only describe as developmental hell for artwork. Took forever to get started, then took forever to actually finish it and hooooly fuck by the time I was done I was sick of looking at it. But hey, one more off my epic backlog of commission work and then I can re-open commissions again! Other commission clients, fret not! Getting there! :D

Tried some things, experimented here and there. Honestly I think I bit off a bigger chunk than I could chew when I took this commission, making it look just right was a massive pain. Harrowing as an experience as it was, I'm satisfied with the results and what I learned from it as a whole.

Big thanks to Studio Pirrate, really helped me with the X-Ray panel with your work! :)

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